About Us

SemiMetrics Ltd. was formed in 1992 and has been working since then with leading suppliers providing solutions for semiconductor measurement problems to a very wide range of clients in the UK and Europe. We also have partner companies in the USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan supporting our solutions in those countries.
Dr. Eric Don founded the company with the objective of providing quality built   solutions to measurement problems. Clients were initially exclusively R&D but are now also in manufacturing. Dr. Don has extensive prior personal experience in this field; following research into thin film semiconductor deposition by PVD he was European Marketing Manager with Hewlett-Packard for Semiconductor Test & Measurement Systems and then headed Bio-Rad’s semiconductor characterisation business before becoming a Managing Director of Brooks Automation in the UK and most recently Vice President of Semilab Co Ltd, a global semiconductor metrology company.
Today SemiMetrics Ltd can call on a number of consultants and partner companies to develop new solutions for new measurement problems. However most problems encountered today have good solutions already available in the SemiMetrics portfolio of past projects or in “off the shelf” products from SemiMetrics suppliers.


V.A.T Registration No. G.B. 579 4242 07
Registered in England No. 2715464
Registered Office: Radius House, 51 Carendon Rd., Watford,WD17 1HP