We have to discuss the needs and circumstances of your measurement conditions in order to determine if we can offer a solution that meets your needs.

If an item in these lists triggers your interest then we hope you will contact us to discuss your problem.

Electrical (Majority Carrier) Properties:

(Bulk properties, Wafer map or Depth profiles)
Carrier Concentration
Activation Energies
Carrier Type
Carrier Mobility
Effective Mass
Scattering Mechanisms
Surface charge

Electrical (Minority Carrier) Properties:

(Bulk properties, Wafer map)
Recombination Lifetime
Diffusion length
Deep level trapping
Generation lifetime
Interface/Surface recombination velocity
Carrier mobility (inversion layer)

Thin Film Properties (semiconductor, dielectric, metal):

(Point measurement or Wafer map)
Refractive index (n & k function of wavelength)
Film thickness (multi-layer)
Fundamental Band Gap (value, type)
Surface roughness
Defects: pinhole density etc.

Solar Cell (PV ) Parameters:

(Point measurement or Wafer map)
Spectral Response (QE function of wavelength)
I -V curve *(Voc, Isc and FF)
Function of solar Concentration